In an office environment, basic utilities like drinking water has been taken for granted by many employers and employees alike. However, many of us work for long hours in offices with dehydrated environment. Clearly, quality supply of water matters. Pure water benefits health in many ways and thus brings positive effect in the workplace. Healthy employees will definitely translate to profitability.

No matter how big or small your organization could be, there is something for your office from Delcol. Choose from a wide array of products to suit your employee’s needs, and ensure they stay hydrated, healthy and effective.


Why take chances when you can provide the best for your family? In this day and age, with high degree of pollutants in our water, a simple boil is not enough. Delcol provides pure water for your family at your convenience.

Our team of people work diligently to renew your water supply. Now with Delcol, quality water can be enjoyed with just a touch of a button.


Water filters for all industrial uses
In a strict environment like an industrial one, your organization needs the most efficient of machines. Delcol aims to provide you world-class industrial standards water filtration system for your manufacturing needs.

Rest assured of quality of Delcol products and their ability to cope with the rigorous daily grind of work. Because when we say clean, we mean industrial clean.