Meet our products

Delcol is a specialist in water products. We are supplying a range of water systems and water filters for commercial as well as residential use. Our core products which are in the area of our specialization are such as RO purification system, hydrogen water filter, bio water system, carbon water filter, home water filter and many more.

Drinking healthy water has become one of the most essential needs nowadays as to maintain a healthy body system. Therefore, installing home water filter has become a normal in every almost household. Delcol ensures our customers getting the highest quality drinking water through our range of water systems.

Customers can be assured with our products as our company has a stringent quality control on all the products that we supply. Most importantly, our products are well tested on its safety consumption and usage.

Our joy. Our pride. Delcol touches people everywhere, no matter where they are. Our vast range of products, specially made from home use to industrial purposes are produced to cater to your every drinking water need. Every product in our stores represents our dedication to this business and our commitment in bringing nothing but the best to our customers and partners.