Vending Machine

Reverse Osmosis Water System Vending Machine

Productivity : 300GPD / 1135.5 Liter Per Day
Material : Mild Steel
Dimension : 800mm x 865mm x 1600mm

Chemical free water
1. can be consume directly
2. enhance body metabolism
3. prevent hardening of arteries, stroke, arthritis, kidney stones
4. getting rid of toxic in the body
5. reduce heavy metals and chemical impurities deposit in the body tissues of liver and kidneys

Pure water has an inherent quality. Acting almost like a MAGNET. It picks up rejected discarded and unusable minerals and assisted by the blood and lympt, carries then to the liver and kidneys for elimination for the body. It collect and removes only minerals that have already been rejected or excreted from cells.


DL-33 Vending Machine

Material : Stainless Steel #430
Dimension : 700mm(W) x 700mm(D) x 1620mm(H) + 100mm(Wheel)
Storage Tank Material / Capacity : ST#304
about 140Liters (about 42cm(W) x 100cm(H)

Introduction of Control System
* 2 Sets of Multi-Currencies Coin System in Metal Panel
* (It is Adjustable to the Other Country Currency)
* Digital Flow Meter
* Outlet Solenoid Valve 3/8”
* Power Supply NES-15-12


Bio Energy Vending Machine

Productivity : N/A
Dimension : 660mm(W) x 605mm(L) x 1730mm(H)
Material : Stainless Steel
Water Tank : Stainless Steel ~ 70 liter

Water Treatment
* 1 x 20″ 5 micron PP sediment Filter
* 1 x 20″ 5 micron Carbon Block Filter
* 1 x 20″ 1 micron PP sediment Filter
* 1 x 10″ Inline Mineral Stone Filter
* 1 x 10″ Inline activated carbon filter
* 1 x 10″ Inline mineral stone filter
* 1 x 10″ Inline activated carbon filter

Special Features
* Switching power supply to provide consistant voltage for ic board and other vending components.
* Electric meter to indicate power consumption.
* Circuit breaker to protect major electric components from electric shock.
* Alarm system with 12v dc siren and door sensor to protect vandalism.
* IC board with battery to keep all settings even power shut down.
* 1 unit of multi-coin selector programmable to 6 channels for each coin bank.
* 2 led indicator for “wait” (sold out or water processing) and “ok” (ready to sell water).
* 2 water level sensors for “wait” and “ok” operation.
* Durable and high flow shurflo pump diaphram / delivery pump.
* Power saving lamp for signage lighting (operates with timing setting).
* Accurate flow sensor/meter for water volume dispensing.
* Human welcoming voice “welcome” and “thank you” when coin

inserted and after water complete dispensing.
* Musical sound during water dispensing out.
* Adjustable selling price.
* Programmable multi-coin selector up to 6 channels.
* Digital coin meter (display on IC board).
* Stainless steel vend nozzle (more hygience).
* Adjustable water volume setting.