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Spa Essential Oil Shower Filter

  • Using lavender essential oil. Capacity: 30ml / bottle
  • Press essential oil cup 3-4 drops after shower
  • uses calcium sulfite to remove residue chlorine from tap water quickly.
  • Easy filter element replacement (Recommended replacement time: 1-2 months)
  • Slow down your skin coarse, sensitive and aging.
  • Slow down falling hairs and discoloration after hair dyeing.

Standard Equipment:

  • Cartride media: calcium sulfite.
  • 30ml/bottle France imported essential oils.


  • Total capacity of pure water: 1500 gallons under 0.1 ppm chlorine (6000 liters/0.1 ppm)
  • Pure water flow: 2.1 GPM (8 liters/min)/at 60psi
  • Water pressure for best result: 40~60psi
  • Require temperature: 4~38°C
  • Material / ABS (Shower filter body)
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