Floor Standing


3 in 1 Floor Standing Purifying Water Dispenser

  • Hot Water Tank
  • Large Reservoir
  • Cooling System
  • Easy Installation
  • # 304 Stainless Steel
  • With 4-Stage filtration
  • Environmental Friendly

Dimension (mm): 320(L) x 400(W) x 1040(H)
Weight (empty): 19.0kgs
Chilling Type: COMPRESSOR – 134A
Hot Water Temperature: 82ºC – 90ºC
Cold Water Temperature: 4ºC – 10ºC
Voltage/Current: 220-240V 50/60Hz

Sediment Filter
Removing sediment particles such as dirt, dust and sand etc.
12″,14″ available. Exchange: 3 – 6 months

Pre-Carbon Filter
Removing harmful chemicals such as cancer-causing materials, synthetic insecticide & chlorine.
12″, 14″ available. Exchange: Approx 6 months

Membrane Filter
Removing minute harmful chemicals more than 0.01 micron such as bacteria, virus etc.
12”, 14” available. Exchange: 9 – 12 months

Aicro Filter
Inline GAC (Granular Activated Carbon) cartridges are highly effective at reducing
unwanted chlorine, taste & odour from potable drinking water.
12″, 14″ available. Exchange: Approx 12 months.



  • Floor Standing Hot & Cold Water Dispenser
  • Fully open dispenser area with cup holders on the sides of the faucet.
    Powerful soda water capacity brings the sparkling taste to the water.
  • Designed with LED light at the bottom of the faucet for the purpose of decoration
    and lighting. Multi function with LCD digital display, offers extra hot water,
    temperature adjustment, UV sterilization, and etc.
  • Users may operate the machine easily in the dark with the soft beautiful light of LED and LCD display.
  • Perfect for VIP or convention room where the interaction among people lasts while getting water. With height of 130cm, serving as a mini bar, DL-PS-1 provides more than just water but also a place to share, communicate, and relax.

Dimension (cm): 52(W) x 40(D) x 130(H)
Cold / Hot / Ambient, Cold / Hot / Soda
Fully open dispensing place
Safety lock for hot water
Two build-in cup holders
Drain container with alarm system
LED lighting on dispensing place
May fit 5-stage RO system (or filtration system)
May serve as a mini bar
Suitable for office, VIP, or convention room Energy saving system (optional)
UV circulation system (optional)
Direct chill system (optional)
Chilling capacity up to 20 liters per hour
Heating capacity up to 20 liters per hour


DL-3D 4 stages filtration HWC water dispenser


  • Sleek and stylish modern design
  • Hot water safety lock
  • Quick and easy filter access
  • high quality stainless steel fixed tank
  • Auto temperature control
  • Hot and cold LED indicators
  • Intuitive controls
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • High quality silver finish


  • Type: Floor standing
  • Weight: 17kg
  • Demensions: 300 x 440 x 1150mm
Despenser Cold Hot + Cold
Tank Capacity Cold: 3.2L
Cold: 3.2L
Hot: 2.0L
Continuous Extraction Cold: 1.5L Cold: 1.5L
Hot: 1.4L
Power Consumption Cold: 80Watt Cold: 80Watt
Hot: 550Watt

Sediment Filter
Using a step-by-step filtering per stoma, this filter effectively eliminates various foreign bodies. That come from the service water pipe such as bits of rust and protects the R/O Membrane

Pre-Carbon Filter
By adsorbing/elimination ant remaining chlorine and other organic chemicals from the water

Post-Carbon Filter
This filter gest rid of unpleasant smell from water and enhance water flavor

Silver-Carbon Filter
Removes objectionable taste, orders, color from treated municipally supplied tap water inhibits the growth of bacteria within the filter medisbed